4D Multi Shaver


Shaver – Clipper – Trimmer – Cleanser

✔ Shave : Smooth shave for sensitive skin
✔ Hair Trimmer in a precision achieved with unique 4D technology
✔ Painless Removal of Nasal hair
✔ Active Facial Cleansing Brush Extension

✔ 4 In 1 Design: Replaceable cutter heads, you can get a beard trimmer, a hair clipper, and a nose trimmer by just purchasing this one product!
✔ Faster Beard Shaver: Dual ring design and 3 heads blades ensure faster shave.
✔ Easy Cleaning: Detachable head and shaver net for instant water wash.
✔ Rechargeable and Convenient: small portable size, with rechargeable battery for use during travel or cordless home use as well.
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Package Contents:

✔ 1 x beard trimmer
✔ 1 x shaver cover
✔ 1 x charging cable (Converter Plug may be required)
✔1 x cleaning brush
✔1 x nose trimmer head


The 4D Floating Head IPX7 Electric Washable Shaver Razor can actually make you enjoy shaving. The secret lies in its 360-degree smart shaving system. Advanced dual-circle net blades positioned on 4D floating heads allow for an accurate and close shave. Three flexing heads automatically adjust to the curves of the face to avoid cutting and irritation. What’s more, it is fully washable so you can rest assured to shave during shower. So, what are you waiting for? It surely is worth your investment!

Shaver – Clipper – Trimmer – Cleanser


✔ IPX7 waterproof construction, fully washable
✔ 360-degree smart shaving system makes shaving enjoyable
✔ Advanced dual-circle net blades positioned on 4D floating heads
✔ Three flexing heads automatically adjust to the curves of the face to avoid cutting and irritation
✔ Ergonomically designed handle for a firm and comfortable grip
✔ Inbuilt rechargeable battery offers enough power for long-lasting use
✔ Full accessories attached for more convenience
✔ Compact and light, easy to carry


Q: Will this pull the hairs as it shaves causing it to be painful?

A: It does not hurt, it shaves the hair follicle and does not pull it out.

Q: Have any ladies out there tried this shaver?

Yes, they love it, they can use it to shave their legs

Q:Are replacement blades available?

A: blades are high quality self-sharpening, with long service period. You shall not require replacing the blades during the life span of the product. You can contact support if you are facing problems with the device.

Q: I want it to use it on my body, Can it shave my body’s hair?

Yes it can remove the body’s hair. Although, it is not certified for sensitive areas.

Q: Can you still use shaving cream?

A: No need! It’s just like an electric razor for your face.

Q: How are the attachments removed?

A: Just pull out the original head, then align and press in the new head. The disassembly is very simple.

Q: What is the best way to clean? I have a problem getting hair out!

A: I just clean it under the faucet, works great for me.


✔ Material: ABS
✔ Voltage: 110-220V
✔ Power: 3W (electric adapter may be required according to your country plug type)
✔ Battery capacity: 600mAh
✔ Charging time: 8 hours
✔ Use time: 45 minutes
✔ Charging indicator: red light (light not change when fully charged)
✔ Item size: 16.6×5.8cm

Weight 350.0 kg
Dimensions 350 × 300 × 200 cm
Plug Type

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